5 Things that Secretly Affect Your Skin

an excerpt from purewow. see below for full article.


Your skin-care routine is a multi-step, twice-a-day ritual filled with cleansers, toners, serums, exfoliators, oils and moisturizers. (Say that five times fast.) But while you’re spending all that time and energy trying to prevent wrinkles and chasing after a natural glow, you may not realize that a few of your daily habits are making those efforts null and void. Ack. Ahead, five things that are secretly affecting your skin and how to break the cycle.


Your Commute

Air Pollution Ages You.


Your Daily PSL or

any sugar bomb beverage.


Your Pillowcase

go home and swap it out tonight.


Your Keyboard….

When’s the last time you cleaned this guy?


Your Cell Phone

We are talking about blue light.

Head over to the full article on PureWow and learn the details about each of these.

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