Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate


We have all heard it a million times.... "drink your water".  It is true, one of the best things you can do for your overall health is drink plenty of water.  Water is also essential to your skin health.  Every time we see a list of the benefits of water, skin makes the list.  Here are a few great articles we found that help us understand why our bodies need water.


Benefits of Drinking Lots of Water

1. Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids.

2. Water Can Help Control Calories.

3. Water Helps Energize Muscles.

4. Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good.

from livestrong.com.  click here to see full article.


Drink Water

weight loss

detoxification and heart health

skin appearance


Skin Appearance

When your blood gets thick and water-deficient from organs pulling water from it, the blood in turn pulls water from skin cells, according to Dr. Richard Besser, the chief health and medical editor at ABC News. This causes your skin to look dry and your eyes to look darker and sunken. Over time, the condition can age you faster. When your skin is dry, it’s less resilient and elastic, making it prone to wrinkling. If you’re not feeling thirsty, however, it probably hasn’t gotten to the point of dehydration that affects your skin, says Besser.

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